A Billion Brews a Year – 4 Interesting Facts about Beer in South Africa

Infographic - four interesting facts about beer in South Africa

Around the braai or in a pub, South Africans love the taste of good brew. Whether at the game or at a music festival people of all classes, colours, and creeds regularly clamour for the unique refreshment of an ice-cold beer. South African Breweries has never looked healthier and the craft beer market has recently exploded in SA – Fokofpolisiekar recently launched their third craft beer, Hemel op die Platteland Amber Ale. The following are four interesting facts that explore the fascinating world of beer in South Africa. Continue reading

List of Craft Breweries in South Africa [Infographic][Update]

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An artisanal beer making tsunami has hit SA in last few years and resulted in the following 135 craft breweries that have popped up throughout South Africa.

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MEGAversities at the tip of Africa – 4 interesting facts about higher education in SA

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The recent #RhodesMustFall and Open Stellenbosch campaigns at two of South Africa’s most prestigious Universities put the spotlight on the need (or at the very least, a popular desire) for racial transformation within the country’s system of higher education. Although 80% of the South African population is black only 14% of the country’s approximately 2,200 professors are black. This is quite the thought provoking statistic, one that is supplemented by the following four, equally interesting, statistics and facts about higher education in South Africa.

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Not Just Trevor Noah – a 100 Exceptional South Africans.

Not just Trevor Noah - a 100 Exceptional South Africans

On the 26 of September 2015 South Africa’s comedic firebrand, the progeny of a South African mother and a chocolate loving’ Swiss father, Trevor Noah will replace John Stewart as the host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show. In doing so the ‘day-walker’ has become the talk from Tinsel Town to Tulbagh. But few outside of South Africa (and probably only marginally more within the country) know about the rich history that our nation has in nurturing talents locally and exporting them internationally

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Eskom: A Shed load of Troubles, a Lining of Silver – 4 Truths about SA and Load shedding Worth Remembering.

Eskom feature image

Winter is quickly approaching and it appears that Eskom will, for the time being, remain the popular subject of vilification, eye rolling and recycled jokes. Load shedding, despite supposedly being a source of great linguistic humour to foreigners of all nationalities, continues to be a disheartening prospect for most locals, besides those afflicted with light fingers, generator salesmen and / or impromptu mediaeval re-enactment troupes.

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DA Most Progressive Party in the World – the Importance of Gender and Race in Political Leadership

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*Disclaimer: This article does not in any way represent the political affiliations of Safro, it is merely a collection of interesting and exciting facts that together seek to praise South Africa, through one of its political parties, for achieving another world first.

THE OBAMA OF SOWETO – this is the American-centric comparison that would dog Mmusi Maimane in his recent political career, from his campaign for premiership in the Gauteng to his eventual election as the new leader of the Democratic Alliance on the 10th of May 2015. While the charismatic Maimane has certainly not been discrete in taking leaves from Obama’s campaign manual, the likenesses between the  two men have now been further cemented in that both are the first black leaders to be elected to head political parties’ whose leadership historically has been about as colourful as a pitcher of milk. However, the South African politician does best his American counterpart in terms of novelty by succeeding someone not only of a different race, but also of a different gender.

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A Fancy Phone for a South African Life – The Comparative Cost of Contract Killers across the World.

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Two fancy new cellphones– the value of a young South African woman’s life, at least according to the hitman that reportedly requested only R30 000 to take the life of Jade Panayiotou. Police suspect Jade’s husband of masterminding the death of his own wife in a case that is eerily reminiscent of the (alleged) 2010 Dewani spousal liquidation vacation. In both cases the monetary value of person’s life would be determined by men willing to prematurely end it for a nominal fee.

The history of hitmen stretches back as far as man’s impatience with the natural lifecycle of another, and his willingness to pay for the shortening thereof. Surprisingly, however, there is hardly any data available on contract killings (besides in Australia), despite the cash-for-corpses businesses being lucrative enough to lure Woody Harrelson’s father into the trade.

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More Likely to Die from a Toaster than a Natural Disaster : 21 Years of Environmental Calamities in South Africa.

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On the 25th of April 2015, an immense earthquake measuring between 7.8 and 8.1 on the Moment Magnitude Scale (the successor of the Richter-Scale) hit the south-east Asian country of Nepal – the traditional departure point for most climbers attempting to ascend the ever imposing Mount Everest. As of the 1st of May the official death toll has been measured at over 6000, with some officials predicting that as many as 15,000 may actually have perished. An instantaneous, devastating and seemingly senseless loss of life, but far from the pinnacle of Mother Nature’s wrath.

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