South African References in International Movies and Series

South Africa

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2018 has been a good year for South African pride with the release of the highly (and deservedly so) acclaimed Black Panther movie and specifically the decision to use Xhosa as the  language of Wakanda.

The use of a South African language in a major Hollywood movie inspired me to dig a little deeper and try to find examples of other references to our beloved country that may be hidden in international movies or series.

And, much to my surprise, there are actually plenty of obscure references to South Africa, particularly in some of my favourite shows growing up, such as: Continue reading

Emigrating for Safety? Stats say Cape Town Safer than Paris.


Preface – The following article is not meant to belittle the horrible events that occurred on Friday the 13th of November in Paris – this article is meant to highlight the notion that the winds of change have brought new terrors that should make one rethink traditional conceptions of safety.

Eleven-Thirteen (11-13): another infamous date to be added to 9-11 and 7-7; another senseless act of terror; another deadly attack in Paris in 2015 (following the January attacks on Charlie Hebdo). The worst terror incident ever recorded in French history left 129 Parisians dead on Friday. Has one of the safest European cities become, overnight, one of the deadliest? Continue reading