South African References in International Movies and Series

South Africa

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2018 has been a good year for South African pride with the release of the highly (and deservedly so) acclaimed Black Panther movie and specifically the decision to use Xhosa as the  language of Wakanda.

The use of a South African language in a major Hollywood movie inspired me to dig a little deeper and try to find examples of other references to our beloved country that may be hidden in international movies or series.

And, much to my surprise, there are actually plenty of obscure references to South Africa, particularly in some of my favourite shows growing up, such as: Continue reading

Mzanzi in the Movies (1916 -2015): 99 years of Features Filmed in South Africa

Ironman vs hulk

24 April 2015 –  The South African release date for Avengers: Age of Ultron, another epic superhero blockbuster delivering a wantonly destructive romp through numerous international destinations, this time including downtown Johannesburg.  The latest Iron Man and company outing includes a 20 minute scene featuring (yet another) gratingly accented South African – Hollywood rarely seems able to get it right – and a shocking disregard for private property in the Joburg CBD, the owners of which are certainly kicking themselves for not staying up to date on their “collateral damage resultant from an over-exuberant altercation between hulking green beast with surprisingly elastic purple pants and 3 meter tall metal-machine-man” insurance payments. The inevitable carnage was filmed over a period of 3 weeks in Egoli, thereby adding A:AoU to the lengthy list of feature length films that were shot, at least partially, on location in South Africa.

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