Engineers in SA much richer than in UK/ US/Australia

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Brain-drain: “the emigration of highly trained or qualified people from a particular country”.

Experts regularly warn of the impending doom that South Africa’s own brain drain will bring to the country’s economy in the near future, and with over 300 qualified engineers leaving South Africa every year, it seems that the pool of competent engineers, critical to the development of any country, might soon be completely exhausted.

But why are South African engineers emigrating, when the data clearly suggests that South Africa should be the one draining the engineering brains of other countries – sunny South Africa not only offers engineers more earning potential, in terms of purchasing power, than other English speaking countries (and by quite a large margin compared to countries like Australia and England) as well as higher chances of employment.
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DA Most Progressive Party in the World – the Importance of Gender and Race in Political Leadership

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*Disclaimer: This article does not in any way represent the political affiliations of Safro, it is merely a collection of interesting and exciting facts that together seek to praise South Africa, through one of its political parties, for achieving another world first.

THE OBAMA OF SOWETO – this is the American-centric comparison that would dog Mmusi Maimane in his recent political career, from his campaign for premiership in the Gauteng to his eventual election as the new leader of the Democratic Alliance on the 10th of May 2015. While the charismatic Maimane has certainly not been discrete in taking leaves from Obama’s campaign manual, the likenesses between the  two men have now been further cemented in that both are the first black leaders to be elected to head political parties’ whose leadership historically has been about as colourful as a pitcher of milk. However, the South African politician does best his American counterpart in terms of novelty by succeeding someone not only of a different race, but also of a different gender.

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