4 Reasons I could never leave South Africa


Let me start with some context: I am a well-off white male – the international trifecta of privilege – and Afrikaans to boot, just to add some local flavour to my human stew of oppressiveness.

Born 8 years before the end of apartheid the only thing I really remember about the dark days are oddly vivid memories of plastic wall mounted posters – with tactile examples of different kinds of bombs and landmines – usually found in the waiting rooms of nervous white South Africa.

My facebook friends list is definitely not as demographically representative as it should be, not by preference, but because I honestly just haven’t had the pleasure of meeting that many non-whites (shocking to admit, having lived in Africa for 30 years). I am acutely aware of domestic politics, but not especially active. I was born Afrikaans, but I don’t really feel a deep connection to any South African culture or creed.

Sometimes I feel hopelessly lost in the country of my birth…

…but I am not unique – there are many others like me and many of my kind have already, are in the process of, or are planning to leave the country.

I, however, cannot leave. I won’t ever be able to, and neither should you if you identify or agree with the following four reasons why: Continue reading